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What is ‘big data’?Data is everywhere. It affects what you eat and how you drive; it powers our towns and shapes our economy. And one day it may help keep you alive.And as computers have got more powerful and sophisticated, we can now combine huge amounts of data together to generate even deeper insights about the world around us.Welcome to […]

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The overwhelmingly positive vote (547 to 17) is also aimed at clinical trial data transparency but only targets new trials commencing after the law takes effect. Assuming it is enacted, the benefits of a legislative model will be:
Requirement that all drug trials in Europe are registered before they begin on the publicly accessible EU clinical trials register.

Requirement that a summary […]

2014/02/20 Big Mechanism Seeks the “Whys” Hidden in Big Data

February 20, 2014Program aims to leapfrog state-of-the-art big data analytics by developing automated technologies to help explain the causes and effects that drive complicated systems During the 1854 cholera epidemic in London, Dr. John Snow plotted cholera deaths on a map, and in the corner of a particularly hard-hit quadrangle of buildings was a water pump. Snow’s maps, a 19th-century version […]

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If a world that relies on cause and effect gets rid of the cause, what happens?One day in high school science class, our teacher handed out black plastic boxes that were completely sealed. As we lifted, rotated, and shook the boxes, we could hear a heavy object rattling around inside, bumping into the barriers of an internal maze we couldn’t […]

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Since the early days of social listening much of the analysis has been focused on generating sentiment – the general overall attitude toward a brand or product. Labeled as “buzz” given its vague, abstract “thumbs up / thumbs down” nature, the issue with high-level sentiment has revolved around a lack of trust and inability to act on the information.Earlier this […]