Stock Market Report: Chiefs – Daily Norseman

When you witness a 35-12 win, one tends to feel rather bullish about the Minnesota VikingsThere was a lot to like from Saturday nights drubbing of the Kansas City Chiefs.  Sure, there were some moments that made me feel that this team has a ways to go, but it’s nice to see the Vikings go on the road and win […]

Stock Market Report: Cardinals – Daily Norseman

So, the Vikings still have quarterback issues, but they all seem to be awesome. This is weird.Hi kids.  Sorry for the delay in  the SMR.  For one, I didn’t get the game broadcast live where I live, so I settled for recording it on the DVR at 1 this morning. Secondly, it was my wife’s birthday, and I asked her […]

Stock Market Report: Raiders – Daily Norseman

The Vikings topped the Raiders in a pre-season game that was sloppy, which we expe–SHUTUP AND TELL ME HOW TEDDY LOOKEDThere’s a lot of good and bad to take away from pre-season games, especially the first one.  For one, we’re so happy football is back, we tend over over analyze things. There’s an air of optimism about the Vikings among […]

Vikings Stock Market Report: End Of Year Prospectus – Daily …

The Vikings end the Metrodome era with a win over a Lions team that was even more disappointing than the Vikings this year.So the 2013 season and the Metrodome era come to a simultaneous end. The Vikings beat the Lions 14-13, and we now move outside for two years before we get to move into our new home, sweet […]

Vikings Stock Market Report: Bengals. The 2013 Season Can Die In …

Well, on the bright side, we won’t have football interrupting us during the Holiday season.2013 is almost dead, and I couldn’t be happier about it. What little positivity the Vikings had going for them the last four weeks evaporated completely in an embarrassing display of the ‘footy’ (H/T Mrs. Fearless Leader for almost making me choke on my burger […]

Vikings Stock Market Report: How in the….What … – Daily Norseman

This is where my blank, numb stare goes.You know, when your favorite team is 3-8-1, it’s easy to just kind of put your fandom on cruise control. Maybe watch a little bit of the first quarter, then get some projects done around the house. Or maybe head out and do some errands, and when you get home about […]

Bears at Vikings Stock Market Report: LOLvertime – Daily Norseman

One of the most embarrassing performances in recent history turned into a game that I wouldn’t have believed unless I had watched it.I really don’t know what to make of the Vikings overtime victory against the Bears. And absolutely putrid three quarters that actually had my father so disgusted he went home became a ridiculous 90 yard drive, a […]