Stock market plunges since 2007 – Business Insider

It has been a wild few days in the markets.US markets are rallying Wednesday after an ugly day Tuesday, which saw stocks rally sharply early in the day before a huge sell-off in the final hour of trading.But as interesting as it is to track the play-by-plays, it’s also worth taking a gander at how this recent plunge looks relative to others.This chart from Doug Short highlights […]

Stockflare Simplifies Stock Market Data to Make Investing Easier

Reviewing stock market data can be confusing. Maybe you’re not exactly sure what to look for or how to interpret the numbers of an individual stock. Stockflare makes it easier to understand by analyzing and simplifying the data, then curating the most useful info.The website provides the same data you’d find on any market search tool, but Stockflare makes the […]

Worldwide Stock Exchange Performance – Business Insider

Bespoke Investment Group is out with an informative table showing the performance of stock markets in 75 countries, ranked by year-to-date performance. In pole position: Dubai, which has gained more than 50% on the year. Qatar, Argentina, and Bulgaria follow. In last place: Japan and Russia, which have both fallen more than 13%. You also may want to avoid Jamaican-listed […]

Embracing Big Data in Kuala Lampur | Lotame

Mat Ward, Lotame’s Managing Director of APAC Operations, is presenting at the Digital Media Asia event tomorrow, November 14, in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. The presentation is called “Embracing Big Data”, and it will cover the following topics:What is “Big Data”, and what does it mean for publishers?  There is a lot of talk about data and its importance, but many publishers […]