22 Sentiment APIs: Klout, TweetFeel and OpinionCrawl …

Our API directory now includes 22 sentiment APIs. The newest is the Bitcoin Sentiment API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Klout API. We list 7 Klout mashups. Below you’ll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of sentiment APIs.In terms of the technical details, REST and JSON lead the way. There are […]

Bitcoin & Social: The Cryptocurrencies Interdependency

Bitcoin’s quite the little minx isn’t it? The digital currency has been on a wild ride of late and has managed to engross not just the hard core internet users, but the world in general.From a standing start at $7.20 around 15 months ago, Bitcoin managed to hit $266 at around a week ago, before taking a hit and falling back to […]