This big data company has Hollywood DNA – Fortune Tech

Want to work at Tableau Software? You might have to get an Academy Award first.FORTUNE — Most big data companies don’t recruit Hollywood types, and most weren’t co-founded by executives with three Academy Awards under their belt.Tableau Software (DATA), a Seattle-based provider of data visualization tools, is a little bit different. Founded by Pat Hanrahan, an early employee at Pixar Animation Studios, along […]

Minnesota Vikings Off-Season: Stock Market Report – Daily Norseman

We’re not through with the off season yet, as the draft is still over a month away. But we can still identify some solid stock.At the end of the 2013 season, the Vikings had a lot more headed in the wrong direction than they did headed in the right direction. Most importantly, work on the new stadium had […]

Stock Trading Bootcamp 2014: Part 2 –

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SHOW NOTES – 3/22/14
Stock Trading Bootcamp: Part 2
Plus, a Discussion on How to Support Israel With Your Investment Dollars
_________________________________Welcome to Part 2 of our 2014 Stock Trading Bootcamp podcast series!In our last podcast, I shared with you some of the basic principles that I have learned after trading the financial markets for over 16 years.Listen to Stock Trading Bootcamp: […]

Big data project reveals where carbon-stocking projects in Africa …

It is increasingly recognized that climate change has the potential to threaten people and nature, and that it is imperative to tackle the drivers of climate change, namely greenhouse gases. One way to slow climate change is to increase the number of trees on Earth, as they, through photosynthesis, take up the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, converting it to carbon […]

Bears at Vikings Stock Market Report: LOLvertime – Daily Norseman

One of the most embarrassing performances in recent history turned into a game that I wouldn’t have believed unless I had watched it.I really don’t know what to make of the Vikings overtime victory against the Bears. And absolutely putrid three quarters that actually had my father so disgusted he went home became a ridiculous 90 yard drive, a […]