Don't Fret About Tobin's Q Crossing Wall Street

Don’t Fret About Tobin’s QBloomberg has a piece this morning on another valuation indictor, this time it’s Tobin’s Q, showing that the stock market is dramatically overvalued.
If you sold every share of every company in the U.S. and used the money to buy up all the factories, machines and inventory, you’d have some cash left over. That, in a nutshell, […]

Commentary for the week ending 2-20-15

The beginning of this year has been characterized by very large, volatile moves in the stock market. This week was different in that stocks moved very little until Friday. The news flow was no different than before – some headlines out of Europe and our Fed – so the lack of volatility was unusual, though refreshing.We’ll start with Europe, where […]

Guest Post: Who needs big data? –

By Matthew Napleton, marketing director of ZizoThe promise is timely access to essential business insight; the reality is a massive dent in the CFO’s budget. So why are organisations still investing in big data projects?For any CFO concerned about throwing good money after bad on big data deployments that are simply failing to deliver the information the business needs, there […]

Stock Trading Quick Tip: Education – Dumb Inspiration

It does not take very long when trading penny stocks (especially if you hang around on Twitter, Facebook, message boards, etc.) until you come across the tried and true “stock pick” scam. While it is most prevalent in the world of penny stocks, the concept still holds true for stocks on any exchange. In this Quick Tip lesson I expose […]

Customer Behavior – Determining Consumer Sentiment: Trends and …

KindleEmailTopMost marketers (89%) say they still rely heavily on manual analysis to determine consumer sentiment and do not yet feel comfortable leaving the task completely to software, according to recent research from Synapsify.The report was based on data from an online survey of 70 social media community managers and marketing analysts who are regularly tasked with determining consumer opinion based […]

The Value of Big Data | Starkmedia Blog

Big data has become the buzzword within the digital marketing community—and rightfully so.  The way we approach the abundance of data an organization has at their fingertips about their customers is the fundamental challenge that marketers face today. Marketers need to understand what questions can be asked and answered with big data or else big data is just another buzzword. […]

Visualising Data » Blog Archive » Exhibition 'Chicago: City of big data'

Exhibition ‘Chicago: City of big data’I’m currently in Chicago for a couple of days to deliver my public workshop. Thanks to the recommendation of Tom Schenk Jr. I had chance to quickly see a really nice free exhibition at the Chicago Architecture Foundation called ‘Chicago: City of big data‘.
Through interactive displays, recreated sections of Chicago and views into your own […]

Capture Social Media Sentiment as it Happens | The Ironside Group

Utilize SPSS Modeler Text Analytics Add-on to Monitor Social MediaAs channels of social media penetrate people’s daily life more extensively and intensively, bad reviews and negative opinions travel faster than ever before. Research and surveys have shown that people are far more likely to spread the word about bad experience than a favorable one . Social media, by providing numerous […]

Big Data's Theory of Relativity » GoGrid Blog

During the past several years, Big Data has made headlines, entered boardrooms, and been prioritized by companies of all sizes in the hopes that their processes will present new opportunities for long-term success. In many cases, the programs will enable organizations to experience financial, operational, and managerial benefits much as squeezing juice from a handful of data-filled oranges will provide […]

Growth in Digital Marketing Means BIG DATA | Points Group LLC

by Garth De BlasioThe rapid pace of change in marketing driven by immense digital expansion has led to numerous buzzwords that may or may not be passing fads. One idea that is certainly here to stay is “big data.”As more data is collected from different sources about customer and prospect behavior, marketers have to figure out how to collaboratively […]