Exclusive: Citigroup Says To Shutter LavaFlow Stock Trading Venue …

Dec. 2, 2014, 11:31 AM
Thomson ReutersCitigroup logo is pictured from the floor of the New York Stock ExchangeNEW YORK (Reuters) – Citigroup Inc said on Tuesday it is shutting down its alternative stock trading venue LavaFlow at a time when regulatory scrutiny around broker-run trading platforms has increased, forcing banks to rethink their costs.”Following a recent review of the LavaFlow […]

Historical Trading Commissions – Business Insider

Library of CongressStock brokers working at the New York Stock Exchange in 1963Active investors have never had it better.
Turnkey desktop trading programs have lowered fees to as little as $7 a trade, and there’s never been more cheap or free information available to anyone interested in markets. It didn’t used to be that way. We spoke with […]

Technical Analysis vs Fundamentals for Gold

Bill Holter wrote this morning, if you believe in what we are saying and are worried about your friends and family, forward at least five of them an issue of the Miles Franklin newsletter.  It would be better yet if you call them and tell them you are sending it and suggest that they sign up.  It could well be […]