How low could stocks go? – Business Insider

Hulton Archive/Getty ImagesThe stock-market tumble of the past week has reminded everyone that stock prices also go down.So this seems a good time to remind everyone that stock prices could go down a lot further. In fact, stock prices have to go down a lot further — or, at least, have to stay generally flat for a very long time […]

AWM Global Advisors | Stock Market Valuation Weekly Series

Drivers of Consumer Demand
Are we headed for another 2000 or 2007 type correction? While we do not expect a selloff of that magnitude, we are concerned that the stock market has gotten ahead of the economic fundamentals. Last year, S&P 500 went up by over 30%, while the U.S. GDP only grew by 1.9% in real terms. We expect the […]

Big Data Marketing's Next Frontier: Paid Search – Search Engine …

It’s tough to be a marketer in today’s always-changing online environment. It seems that every time we master one new channel, a new and more “promising” channel emerges.We witnessed a prime example of this with the May 2012 introduction of product listing ads (PLAs). In the face of quickly moving, high-cost changes, marketers were left facing the difficult calculus of […]