Shanghai Surprise: Another Bubble Bursts

This week the casino got monkey hammered. While the last holdouts went parabolic…FANG:Wall Street’s latest acronym is Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. The whole world is falling apart, but the good news is that Amazon finally made a microscopic profit by selling cheap shit over the internet. Their trailing profit margin is -.2%. I’m not making this shit up. And […]

Manic to Panic: Social Mood Will Open Limit Down

This hollow illusion propagated solely by the fakest of people throwing everything away, is fraying around the riots.All that’s left of this con job is the instant when the herd of dumbfucks realizes they’re just a herd of dumbfucks. Led by much bigger dumbfucks…Value line Geometric w/failed manic overthrow:The real economy is missing in action, which leaves just momentum – […]

Greek Stock Market May Not Open Monday, Greek Officials Warn …

Despite all the talk of “containment” and “Greece doesn’t matter,” not only are we told by anonymous EU officials that some banks may not open Monday but now, a Greek SEC Official has warned…*GREEK BOURSE MAY NOT TRADE MON IF NO ELA EXTENDED: SEC OFFICIAL
Greeks just got CYNK’d (or Hanergy’d).As a reminder, here is the exuberance in Greek stocks from […]

What Created $CYNK The Biggest Penny Stock Pump Of 2014 …




Major financial media is confused by CYNK’s extreme runup:Don’t be confused all you cute investor-types, just recognize that your rules/valuations don’t apply to penny stock pump and dumps and that it’s up to veterans like me who have far too much experience with these kinds of plays to inform people of what’s going on.See this video I just made on […]

CYNK Technology – Business Insider

This is a chart showing trading in a company called CYNK Technology since June 17. The stock is up nearly 25,000%. That’s not a typo.Google FinanceThe company’s stock, which the folks at ZeroHedge first alerted us to, has gone from $0.10 on June 17 to $14.71 as of Wednesday’s close. At its current stock price, the company’s market cap is […]