10 Warnings Signs Of Stock Market Exuberance | Zero Hedge

Imagine that you are speeding down one of those long and lonesome stretches of highway that seems to fall off the edge of the horizon. As the painted white lines become a blur, you notice a sign that says “Warning.” You look ahead for what seems to be miles of endless highway, but see nothing. You assume […]

Birinyi, Sonders, & Rukeyser Celebrate The "Magical Stock Market …

Surely this can’t go on forever“, asks a pensive Lou Rukeyser on New Year’s Ever 1999, to which a youthful Liz-Ann Sonders replies ever-exuberantly, “this is a magical environment for the stock market, for the year 2000, things look terrific.” The other guests in this wonderfully brief moment of deja vu from the peak of the previous bubble are just […]