Big data makes research more difficult say data scientists – BetaNews

Given the amount of hype surrounding it you could be forgiven for thinking that big data is the answer to most business and scientific problems.But a new survey by database specialists Paradigm4 reveals that almost three-quarters of data scientists believe that big data has made their research harder. The reason for this is not, as you might expect, the volume […]

A Room with a View (of Crucial Big Data Insights) – Cisco Blog

What’s the problem with Big Data? You guessed right — it’s BIG.Big Data empowers organizations to discern patterns that were once invisible, leading to breakthrough ideas and transformed business performance. But there is simply so much of it, and from such myriad sources — customers, competitors, mobile, social, web, transactional, operational, internal, external, structured, and unstructured — that, for many […]