Comedy movies and risky stock trading – linked? – Improbable …

Comedy movies and risky stock trading – linked?Attention stock-market followers – have you considered whether weekend comedy-movie attendance, and investment in risky stock-market assets on the following Monday might be linked? This question has been the subject of an in-depth investigation by Gabriele M. Lepori, (formerly) Assistant Professor of Finance at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark (now at Keele Management School, […]

World rolling stock market May 2014 – Railway Gazette

Australia: The government of Victoria has ordered an additional Bombardier VLocity three-car DMU for A$17m, taking the order to 43 cars.
Metro Trains Melbourne has awarded Alstom a contract to install GSM-R digital radios on 82 trainsets.
The EDI Rail Bombardier JV which maintains Perth’s commuter fleet has awarded Gemco Rail two four-year bogie and wheelset maintenance contracts totalling A$5m. […]

When looking like Justin Bieber is worse than dodgy stock trading

A couple of months ago my 13-year-old son came to me with a true story. One of his acquaintances had given him control of an Instagram profile with roughly 3,500 followers as a gift.A few days later, my son and his friends met some famous rappers. They took a few selfies with them and posted the images on the Instagram […]