6 reasons why the US stock market is still the … – Business Insider

Akin Oyedele

Mar. 16, 2015, 9:02 AM

Bloomberg TVJonathan GolubRBC Capital Markets is bullish on US stocks.”Non-U.S. markets are expected to see slightly faster earnings growth over the coming year,” RBC strategist Jonathan Golub wrote in a note Monday.”However, developed ex-U.S. has missed lofty expectations by a wide margin in each of the past four years.”Also, expectations for earnings growth in Europe have been sharply revised downward this year. Here’s […]

Narendra Modi is the Indian stock market's $300 billion man – Quartz

India’s Sensex index rose in mid-day trading to a new record today of over 25,000 and the Indian rupee hit 10 month highs against the US dollar on the back of a landslide victory for the Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party. The rally wasn’t a one-time event—since Modi was named prime ministerial candidate on September 12, Indian equities have gained […]

3 reasons to wait for a stock market dip this summer | Financial Post

U.S. GDP growth is expected to be greater than 3% this summer, which would mark the end of a run of mid-year soft patches and potentially open the door for a longer period of growth in the 3% range.If the 10-year U.S. treasury yield can stay under 3.25% this summer against the backdrop of stronger growth, Deutsche Bank strategist David […]

Momentum Stocks Might Not Rebound – Business Insider

Deutsche BankChart 1.Volatility has returned to the markets, and growth stocks in information technology and health care have led the way down.The chart above, from Deutsche Bank strategist Keith Parker, shows the extent to which fund positioning has helped fuel the recent decline in the stock market.”Performance over the last month across stocks and sectors has been driven by position […]

Flood Of Cash To Hit The Stock Market – Business Insider

Deutsche BankThe stock market has been rallying throughout 2013, and at current levels just a few points shy of all-time highs today, the S&P 500 index is now up more than 28% in the year to date.
Since an eventual tapering of the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing became cemented as a major market theme in May, however, short bets against the […]

Stock Market Returns Decomposed – Business Insider

The S&P 500 is already up 26% since the beginning of 2013, and almost all of those returns have been driven by an expansion in the multiple investors use to value the market as opposed to actual growth in companies’ earnings.”Year to date, 75% of the S&P return has come from its [price-to-earnings ratio] expanding to 16.5x from 13.7x trailing […]