Breaking News: DYAI – Dyadic International Major Milestone

Dyadic International Receives Two Additional Research Milestone Payments From BASFDyadic International, Inc. (“Dyadic”) (OTCQX: DYAI), a global biotechnology company with patented and proprietary technologies used to develop and produce enzymes and other proteins for the bioenergy, bio-based chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, and industrial enzymes industries, today announced the receipt of $800,000 for achieving two additional research and development milestones in its funded […]

How To Trade Super Stocks: TSLA vs. XON Intrexon Technical Analysis Case Study

If you follow me on Twitter you will have noticed my latest tweet on what to expect during uptrends and downtrends:This is my 17th year trading the markets. The above statement is the essence of what I am experiencing on a daily basis. In order to get exposure to potential super winners you have to identify the right pond to […]

The Small-Cap Biotech Stock You Should Be Watching

Small-cap biotechnology stocks offer some of the most breathtaking opportunities in the market, but some are better than others. For example, these three tiny biotech stocks are favorites among our Motley Fool experts, and that could mean they’re worth watching.Source: Portola Pharmaceuticals.: Warfarin’s decades long dominance as an anticoagulant used to treat heart disease and post-operative patients is waning, and […]

Genetically Modified Organisms – the first fatalities

“Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley is a powerful cautionary tale. It’s a story about man and science – and hubris. The nature of that hubris is attempting to replicate the work of the Creator by artificially bringing life (but not a soul) back to dead tissue. When people think of “Frankenstein” these days (who reads books anymore?) they think of the […]

3 Warning Signs You've Invested in a Dangerous Biotech Stock

Source: Flickr user epSos .de .There might not be a bell that will ring to alert investors when they have put their money in the wrong biotech stock, but there are warning signals that can help them avoid owning the most dangerous biotech companies. Our Motley Fool contributors explain what these warning signals are and how to use them to […]

Cramer: The biotech that doubled in value last year

This week Jim Cramer has been highlighting the hottest biotech stocks for 2015 as a part of his series “Biotech, the Next Generation.”One of the best performing biotechs for 2014 was the orphan drug company PTC Therapeutics, which rallied 205 percent last year. Shire PLC recently acquired NPS Pharmaceuticals at a 51 percent premium to where it was trading before.This […]

Ebola Biotech Stocks on the Rise – Tekmira, Inovio, NanoViricides …

The Ebola virus has landed in the United States, after Thomas Eric Duncan flew from Liberia to Texas. He was released by a hospital in Dallas, despite telling hospital staff that he came from Liberia. He came in contact with up to 20 people, including 5 schoolchildren since touching down in Dallas. The CDC is monitoring these people, but I have […]

The Elfenbein Theory Which Explains the Entire Stock Market …

The Elfenbein Theory Which Explains the Entire Stock MarketI had a little extra time this morning, so I’d thought I’d do a quick post which explains the entire stock market for you.Before I begin, let me stress that I’m discussing generalities of how the stock market behaves. As you read this, I urge you to focus on the larger themes […]

(EXAS)/ New Trade (FOSL) for 8/12/2014 – Momentum Stock Options

MomentumOptionsTrading.com Profit Alert (EXAS)/ New Trade (FOSL) for 8/12/20143:00 p.m. (EST)Shares of Exact Sciences (EXAS, $17.37, up $0.28) have been slipping since this morning’s opening pop past $19.I took advantage of the short-term move to lock in massive half profits on the surge and set Stop Limits on the other halves to protect profits.While I was expecting shares to make […]

Will Big Data Answer Big Questions on Health? (Science Friday …

In an interview with Science Friday, Dartmouth’s Jason H. Moore weighs in about Google’s new data collection project, called Baseline Study, which is attempting to paint a picture of human health by cataloging the DNA of healthy people, along with their blood, saliva, tears, and more.
“As a data scientist I am really excited about the Google Baseline Study,” says Moore, […]