Venrock’s Bryan Roberts on Digital Health Investments

Timothy Hay


With biotechnology stocks turning in stellar performances on the Nasdaq Global Exchange and digital-health startups commanding huge funding rounds at high valuations, some are talking about a bubble forming in certain areas of medical technology.But Bryan Roberts of Venrock, who last year logged six successful exits from medical technology investments, doesn’t use the word “bubble.”The industry, he said, is […]

Five things you should know before you start your work day

1. The commodity rout continues to pull down global stocksAsian stock markets dropped for the fourth day, Bloomberg reports.China’s stocks tumbled, with its benchmark index falling the most since February 2007 on concerns the Chinese government won’t be able to continue propping up the market. The Shanghai Composite Index plunged 8.5 per cent to 3,725.56 at the close, as 75 […]

NO. Practice saying it.

Summer doldrums drivel:+ It’s a “stockpickers” market now. That means the market is about to fall big time.+ Yields are rising. When muni bond yields hit 5%, investors will flee equities and load up on bonds, especially investors in high-tax states like New York and California.+ No deal for Greece spells stocks will fall. (At least today.)+ Everyone is at […]

6 stocks that left the bull market in the dust

If you put money in stocks at just about any point in the past six years, you’re probably pretty happy.America is in the midst of the fourth longest stock market expansion in history.Monday marks the six-year anniversary of the day the S&P 500 hit its low point after the financial crisis. Since then, the index has risen over 200%.But that […]

Given Time, 'Big Data' Promises to Transform Patient Care — AAFP …

With limited time and a heavy patient load, physicians face a daunting task trying to identify a patient’s multiple needs during a single office visit.Now, growing implementation of electronic health records (EHRs) and other health information technology, combined with rapidly evolving clinical analytics techniques, promises to make this task easier. By collecting and analyzing data that present a more comprehensive, […]

Medicine's Big Problem with Big Data: Information Hoarding | Re/code

Researchers at IBM, Berg Pharma, Memorial Sloan Kettering, UC Berkeley and other institutions are exploring how artificial intelligence and big data can be used to develop better treatments for diseases (as we explored in a separate story on Saturday).But one of the biggest challenges for making full use of these computational tools in medicine is that vast amounts of data have been locked away — or never […]

Who watches the watchers? Big Data goes unchecked – Josh …

The National Security Agency might be tracking your phone calls. But private industry is prying far more deeply into your life.Commercial data brokers know if you have diabetes. Your electric company can see what time you come home at night. And tracking companies can tell where you go on weekends by snapping photos of your car’s license plate and cataloging […]

What Big Data Can't Tell Us About Health Care : The New Yorker

Jean Malouin, a family doctor in Michigan, woke up one morning earlier this month to an e-mail from a Washington Post reporter, who informed her that a vast release of Medicare payment data from 2012 had identified her as the highest female biller in the country, and the seventeenth-highest over all, with more than seven million dollars in payments. Malouin […]

West Side High School Students Win Stock Market Challenge « CBS …

Chicago Doctor Among Three Americans Shot Dead In AfghanistanA pediatrician from Chicago was among three people shot and killed by a security guard at a hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan. 1643Man Struck, Killed By Semi In Noble SquareA source said a truck driver who had just been involved in a minor crash with a minivan was standing outside his […]

Zephyr Health Lands $15M From Kleiner To Help Life Sciences …

The Big Data landscape continued to explode in 2013, as companies across the board scrambled to update infrastructure and technology to meet the new set of demands and opportunities brought on by a brave new, data-happy world. Investors responded in kind, pouring just over $3.6 billion into the Big Data ecosystem during the year, setting off a flurry of activity […]