Teva Buys Allergan Unit: How Mylan, Other Biotech Stocks Are …

Related TEVATeva Still A ‘Must-Own’ Stock, Worth $86Benzinga’s Top UpgradesWeekly 52-Week Highs Highlight: GIS, AAP, BCR, TEVA(GuruFocus)Shares of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (ADR) (NYSE: TEVA) surged to new 52-week highs of $69.42 on Monday after the company announced its acquisition of Allergan PLC (NYSE: AGN)’s Generics segment for a total consideration of $40.5 billion.Shares of Allergan also spiked to new […]

3 Best-of-Breed Small Caps: Biotech Stocks to Buy | InvestorPlace

View All3 Best-of-Breed Small Caps: Biotech Stocks to BuyNo one can deny the performance of biotech and biopharma stocks over the last six months as they have outperformed the entire market. The sector has done so well that it has brought back that dreaded word that everyone has feared in this sector since 2000: “bubble.”Source: ©iStock.com/AlexRathsHowever, it’s shortsighted to look at […]

Watch List 23-02-15

All stocks are shorts once the momentum shiftsCRIS – Biotech, Market cap: 294M @ $3.4. S/O: 86M, Float:70M.Initially up on a PR from mid Jan regrading a collaboration with Augenics (who now owns 10% of CRIS). CRIS also has a $120M worth of warrants and stock offerings sitting on the shelf. This is also the 7th offering they’ve made. This […]

3 All-or-Nothing Biotech Stocks We're Closely Watching

There may be no other industry as prone to hit-or-miss investments as biotechnology. An astounding 90% of drugs that enter phase 1 clinical trials never reach commercialization, and that means failure is far more common than success. As a result, many biotech companies research a slate of drugs in hopes of having at least one pan out. That’s not the […]

BioTime Harnesses Geron’s Stem Cell Technology And Its Founder; Is That Enough To Survive The Biotech Revolution?

BioTime Harnesses Geron’s Stem Cell Technology And Its Founder; Is That Enough To Survive The Biotech Revolution?
By iCELL News on December 5, 2014 · Sector
by Ian CliftSummaryBioTime is a growing player in the anti-aging biotech revolution, buying up multiple assets, including Geron’s stem cell technology portfolio.Is buying time for biotechs the cliche in the BioTime name?BioTime is accumulating a large […]

Why We Don't Buy Marijuana Stocks

Source: GW PharmaceuticalsMedical marijuana is one of healthcare’s biggest stories this year and shares in marijuana companies are trading near all time highs, but not everyone is convinced that marijuana stocks should be in investor portfolios. So we asked three of our top analysts to weigh in on why they’d take a pass on owning marijuana stocks. Read on to […]

"Weaning The Stock Market Off Casino Capitalism Will Be Anything …

Authored by David Hay, CIO of Evergreen Gavekal,“We’ve gone back into this kind of a foie-gras bubble environment. We’re all being force-fed risk assets. It’s an unpleasant experience when you’re playing goose to the central bank farmer.” -James Montier, strategist at elite money manager, GMO

“Unless countries come together to take the right kind of policy measures, we could be facing […]