News U Wish to read – 23rd August 2015

Sunday, 23rd August 2015Note: News U Wish to Read is a compilation of articles published in the press, in the UAE, India and world around. Its purpose is to keep us informed of important news items which we all wish not to miss. Enjoy reading the below news items and links. More sections will come as it takes shape and […]

Gulf Markets Melting Down: Saudi Arabia Plunges 7%, Dubai Sold …

Following the end of a horrible week for petroleum importers (not to mention shale producers) despite WTI briefly dipping under $40 (wasn’t this supposed to be great news for the US economy?) we have the start of a just as ugly week for the Persian Gulf oil exporters, whose Sunday market open can be described as a continuation of last […]

FIFA Qatar stock exchange – Business Insider

At a surprise press conference on Tuesday, Sepp Blatter resigned as president of FIFA amid a growing corruption scandal.This shocking move came just days after he was re-elected for a fifth term.All of these political change-ups have sent Qatar stocks into a tizzy since Blatter’s resignation could mean bad news for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.Investing.comThe Qatar Exchange IndexThe Qatar […]

Dubai Stock Market Sees The Largest Fall In 5 Years – Business …

Dubai stocks fell 7.4% on Thursday, the worst one-day drop for that market since 2009 as oil price declines hammer the outlook for the country.Here’s the ugly chart of Thursday’s action, which wrapped up trading at 5 a.m. ET.Bloomberg.comThursday’s drop also wiped out almost all of the remaining gains seen by Dubai’s stock market since the start of February as […]

Real Time SMS Trade Alerts on Amazon Live Stock Trading

Real Time SMS Trade Alerts on Amazon Live Stock TradingShare[close]HTML

Real Time SMS Trade Alerts on Amazon Live Stock Trading
Copy and paste the HTML or link URL for use in an email or web page.Log inLog in and benefit from sharing.Real Time SMS Trade Alerts on Amazon Live Stock Trading. Amazon shares gain and lose billions in market cap after each […]

Credit suisse: this is what the world stock market … – Business Insider

Sam Ro

Jul. 11, 2014, 9:49 AM

Here’s a fascinating projection that Credit Suisse Research just tweeted.By 2030, Credit Suisse expects the global stock market to balloon to $284.2 trillion and look like what you see below.According to the World Federation of Exchanges, the total value of stocks in the top 60 major stock market exchanges was $62.4 trillion as of July […]

Dubai Stock Market Crashes – Business Insider

REUTERS/Mosab Omar The Dubai stock market crashed today, with the main index falling over 6.5%, after being down 8% at one point.BloombergThe market has been in a bear market even before today, having fallen about 20% over the last month.One big negative driver has been Arabtec, a big construction company, whose shares have been plunging amid layoff rumors. The stock […]

Analysis: Understanding Qatar's stock market slide – Doha News

QEIt’s been a wild ride for investors on the Qatar Exchange over the last couple of years.Between July 2012 and the start of this month, the market’s main index rose by nearly two-thirds and reached an all-time high. But then, share prices started to decline, with the index plunging more than nine percent this month alone.So what’s going on in the […]

Country Stock Market Performance

Below is a look at the quarter-to-date and year-to-date stock market performance for 75 countries around the world. So far this quarter, the average change for the 75 countries shown has been +1.12%. For the year, the average country is up 4.76%. In 2013, the US found itself in the top half of the list in terms […]

03.02 Middle East Stock Markets Reaction to Ukraine Crisis: Zero …

by John GaltMarch 2, 2014 14:30 ETTo say the crisis is being played up in Europe is one thing but the reaction of the first stock markets to open since the Russian invasion of the Ukraine was muted at best, irrelevant to even the most seasoned observer. First up for review is the Abu Dhabi General Index moving quietly down […]