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I’ve traded a lot and haven’t updated the journal for individual trades. For the first time this year, I find my self entirely on the short side. But like buy strength on longs, I’m selling the weakest stocks short.But first some index chartsVIX: RSI – piked up support — look for a run to the green lineBiotech: Earlier this month, […]

Stock Market Crash Rallies – Business Insider

Myles Udland

Jan. 26, 2015, 3:00 PM

From its high in 1929 to the bottom in 1932, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell about 90%.But during this devastating decline, there were a number of huge, furious rallies that likely gave investors hope along the way that the worst was over. Earlier on Monday, Business Insider’s Sam Ro highlighted how market tops aren’t clear […]

RadioShack (NYSE:RSH) Share Price Trading Below $1 USD | Wall …

RadioShack (NYSE:RSH), country’s one of the leading retailer stock price is trading below $1. This has happened for the first time in the history of RadioShack’s stock market.There are also speculations that RadioShack will be delisted from the share market.On Friday Afternoon, the shares of RadioShack Corp fell 9 cents. Earlier it was also traded at 91 cents per share. […]

Setting Up For A Great Trade: Mining Equipment Stocks Digging …

Anytime a trader or investor looks at a stock chart they should look to see if the instrument is making a new high, or a lower high. Continuous lower highs are a good indicator that further weakness is ahead for the equity. Earlier today, the leading mining equipment company, Joy Global Inc (NYSE:JOY) reported earnings. The stock is trading higher by […]