This Is Yellen's Response When Asked If The Fed Is Too Worried …

This is the response that Yellen gives a senator when asked if the Fed is too worried about the stock market.

I would push back against the notion that we are unduly affected by the ups and downs of the stock market, we are certainly very focused on the fundamentals and economic statistics that describe where the economy is in terms […]

The Bank of Canada Stumped?

Barrie McKenna of the Globe and Mail reports, Bank of Canada cuts key rate as economy contracts, exports stall:
Stephen Poloz is refusing to call it a recession, but the Bank of Canada Governor says the country needs another jolt of interest rate relief as the economy shrinks and exports stall.The central bank lowered its trend-setting overnight rate a quarter percentage […]

The one thing you should remember about the stock-market crash

UBSGross domestic product never went negative in 1987 — even with crazy stock-market drop.The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged a shocking 508 points — or about 22.6% — back on October 19, 1987.But as scary as that drop was, US economic growth was resilient, and gross-domestic-product growth never went negative.If you’re thinking about the 1987 crash in the context of […]

Manic to Panic: Social Mood Will Open Limit Down

This hollow illusion propagated solely by the fakest of people throwing everything away, is fraying around the riots.All that’s left of this con job is the instant when the herd of dumbfucks realizes they’re just a herd of dumbfucks. Led by much bigger dumbfucks…Value line Geometric w/failed manic overthrow:The real economy is missing in action, which leaves just momentum – […]

What was lost in China's stock market slide – Reuters

The author is a Reuters Breakingviews columnist. The opinions expressed are his own.China’s sell-off will be felt far beyond its see-sawing stock markets. The month-long slide in share prices has called into question the country’s recent conversion to market dogma, while the state’s floundering response has exposed the limits of its grip on China’s financial system. Broader reforms may suffer.Some […]

I haven't been paying attention. Should I be worried about China's …

Here’s what you need to know:1. Yes, it’s a crash, and it’s not over yet.Here’s a long-term chart of the Chinese stock market, to put this in perspective. Facebook Share Pinterest Pin ItWe’re on our way down right now, there’s further to fall, and the main reason that stocks haven’t fallen further already is just that they aren’t trading at […]

Shanghai's Stock Market is Collapsing. Do Chinese People Care?

CHENGDU — The Shanghai stock market has been one wild ride for the last few months. The world has watched as stocks soared for months before a precipitous plunge in recent weeks. Millions of “novice investors” got involved in the markets when prices dramatically increased last year, the Associated Press reported.So what do normal Chinese people think about the roller […]

China | stock market | stock bubble | property bubble

700 companies have halted tradingThings are bad in both of China’s big exchanges; both the Shanghai and Shenzen are seeing companies halting their trading on both:
Over 700 Chinese companies have halted trading to “self preserve,” according to the state media. That means about a quarter of the companies listed on China’s two big exchanges — the Shanghai and Shenzhen — […]

Citi: China's 'Wall Street Crash' means markets will fall further …

Flickr/IstolethetvChinese markets have fallen by around 30% in three weeks.China’s stock markets are in turmoil right now, with the benchmark Shanghai Composite collapsing 29% in just the last 3 weeks.The collapse closely mirrors the Wall Street Crash in the US in 1929 and the Chinese government has been desperately scrambling to try and stop the fall. The People’s Bank of China […]

China freezes IPOs to stop rapid stock market decline – report –

China freezes IPOs to stop rapid stock market decline – reportPublished time: July 04, 2015 22:59Get short URLA general view of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange trading hall. (Reuters / Bobby Yip)TagsChina, Economy, Finance, IPO, InvestmentChina has curbed the sale of newly issued stock and created a market stabilization fund, as it tries to halt a stock market plunge that […]