Capital Gains Tax Cut Unleashes Egypt's Stock Market

Meanwhile, America enjoys the “Great Reset”!The ancient Egyptians worshipped divine bulls…and now it seems to be paying off!The country’s stock market has gone bullish after it halted capital gains taxes.
Egypt suspended a capital gains tax on Monday, sending shares soaring after a months-long downturn in which investors had complained of a lack of clarity about the new taxes, with some […]

Egyptian Stock Market – Business Insider

Think the U.S. market has been on a nice run? Try Egypt.Here’s a one-year chart of the CASE-30 index, via Bloomberg. The index is up a breathtaking 55% just since last summer.BloombergCoincidentally or not (probably not, actually), the bottom almost perfectly coincides with the Egyptian army toppling Morsi last summer, proving once again that moments of extreme chaos can make […]