Why is China's stock market falling and how might it affect the global …

China’s stock markets have lost all the gains they made in 2015. Photograph: Zhang Yixi/Xinhua Press/Corbis
What has happened in China?China’s stock market has fallen sharply over recent weeks despite measures by officials in Beijing aimed at calming investors’ jitters and shoring up global confidence in the country’s slowing economy.Shares in China had soared 150% in the 12 months to mid-June […]

A Serial Short Seller Asks “Do Governments & Central Banks Ever Lose?”

Submitted by Jared “The 10th Man” Dillian via MauldinEconomics.com,We are about a week into the Greek non-crisis, and nothing especially scary has happened. Stocks opened up lower a couple of times, and there was one wild trading day in EURUSD, but everything is essentially unchanged. Which surprised everyone. Including me, a little.I used to be a plunger. Loved shorting stuff. […]

China is panicking over a market bubble. What would it do in a real …

The Chinese stock market: officially sanctioned prices? Illustration: David Simonds/The Observer
As Greece holds a referendum that may create more uncertainties than it solves, are we looking in the wrong place for a financial crisis? In China, the authorities are in a fine sweat about a more traditional financial conundrum: a bubble in the stock market. How do you deflate it […]

NO. Practice saying it.

Summer doldrums drivel:+ It’s a “stockpickers” market now. That means the market is about to fall big time.+ Yields are rising. When muni bond yields hit 5%, investors will flee equities and load up on bonds, especially investors in high-tax states like New York and California.+ No deal for Greece spells stocks will fall. (At least today.)+ Everyone is at […]

Is Buying A Stock Coincidentally Before An Acquisition Insider …

On Saturday, July 16, 2014 I played in a tennis tournament with a partner that worked at Trulia, an online real estate company. He just got his job and was explaining to me how the company makes money through its ad placements for Realtors. If you’ve ever wondered why companies like Trulia and Zillow have done nothing to lower selling commission […]

GOOG's New YouTube Service Tops Stock Market News Today …

For April 9, 2015, here are your stock futures, pre-market movers, stocks to watch, and top stock market news today…Stock Futures TodayU.S. stock futures for Thursday, April 9, forecasted a 4-point gain from yesterday’s close. The DJIA Index added 27 points on Wednesday following a busy day of earnings reports and the release of minutes from the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting in March.Top Stock […]


Wall Street on Friday closed higher for the first time in a week, lifted by rising tech stocks, while oil prices slumped 5 percent on receding fears about Middle East fighting disrupting supplies.U.S. Treasury debt prices jumped on government data indicating U.S. economic growth was slowing and the dollar was down, while gold had its first losing day after a […]

Stock market nosedives by 904 points during intra-day trading

PM sends request to halt Saulat Mirza’s execution for further 30 daysA notice was sent by PM Nawaz to presid­ent to halt hangin­g of Mirza which had been earlie­r finali­sed for April 1Web DeskLeaked conversation: ‘Good, govt deserves it,’ Imran allegedly told Alvi after PTV attackPTI leader says unveri­fied audio is manipu­lated, offici­al statem­ent over ‘phony’ contro­versy yet to be […]

Stock Trading: Rookie Edition | Dynasty League Football

Rookie hype is very dangerous and it happens every season. Some owners give up way too soon on rookies and allow for great buy lows. Other times, people view prospects as the second coming of Hall of Fame players and would never sell them off. I’m going to give you my stock trader opinion on a bunch of rookies from this […]

Tradiio Thinks a Virtual Music Stock Market Is a Good Idea – Digital …

Tradiio Thinks a Virtual Music Stock Market Is a Good Idea
Thursday, November 20, 2014
Nina Ulloa

Tradiio is a new platform/game that will soon launch. The platform is scheduled to go live in England in February 2015, but is based in Portugal, according to Dinheiro Vivo.
Tradiio says the platform will be free.
Users will listen to artists who have uploaded their music to […]