MomentumOptionsTrading.com Profit Alert (EXAS) for 8/12/2014 …

MomentumOptionsTrading.com Profit Alert (EXAS) for 8/12/20149:45 a.m. (EST)I have 2 trades that are up 147%. Let’s go ring the register!Subscribers, hit the Members Area right now to lock-in these juicy profits!Share this:

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New Trades – Momentum Stock Options – Momentum Options Trading

New TradesMomentumOptionsTrading.com New Trade (EXAS) for 8/8/201411:50 a.m. (EST)I’m adding a New Trade ahead of the midday Daily update as I am still working on it and watching the market action.  However, I do want to get this out as I like the current action in the stock.I may also have additional trades in another hour or so along with […]

MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD: Live Stock Trading – Bad Entry, but Still

Live Stock Trading – Bad Entry, but Still $110 Profit “Plan the trade and trade the plan” is hopefully a saying you have heard before. If you have not yet, the video HERE of my live stocking trading shows why having a plan is so important. As you will see, I got a terrible initial entry on my buy, but […]

Ezra – Singapore Stocks | How To Trade CFD | Andy Yew

Looking at the chart, our system shows an exits when price break $1.36 support, our system shows a trend change in the price action. This is something that the system do, and usually a normal person cannot do. Which is to Exit before a crash. However a user of the trading system, at the point that system shows an exit, […]