This Signal Tells Me How to Trade Gold | Uncommon Wisdom Daily

Last week I reviewed why I have gone from negative to a positive viewpoint on Amazon (AMZN). Week-over-week, Amazon has moved from $336 to $327.26. This drop, however, does not concern me, and I remain positive on the name.This week we are going to review a concept that we first discussed back on Sept. 5: […]

Stock Market Spring Fever | Uncommon Wisdom Daily

Last week we discussed the upcoming seasonal bias to the S&P 500. How do we know this? Thanks to our trusty seasonality chart on the S&P 500.Phil Erlanger years ago created a great tool for seasonal tendencies for stocks, indexes and ETFs. The current reading on the S&P 500 or even the Russell 2000 is key for all investors.The months […]