Momentum, Value, and Short-Term Movement in the Stock Market

TraderFeed: Momentum, Value, and Short-Term Movement in the Stock Market

Momentum, Value, and Short-Term Movement in the Stock MarketAbove is a plot of an interesting measure that tracks the difference between short term and intermediate term new highs minus new lows for SPX stocks only. (Raw data from the Index Indicators site). When that difference is highly positive, it means that […]

3 Top Ranked Biotech Mutual Funds Surging Higher

Recently, investors have begun to move away from sectors which offered higher dividends at lower risk towards companies. Funds are now being allocated to areas which offer growth at the cost of higher risk. This essentially signifies a move from sectors such as utilities and real estate to the likes of consumer discretionary financials and biotechnology stocks.

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3 Top Ranked […]

how to trade penny stocks | Cultural Plataforma

Merchandising in shares is actually a extremely common fashion of investing andhas long been close to best penny stocks considering the fact that the 12th century. You couldhave noticed investing in penny shares is stuffed with danger, notwithstandingInvesting in almost any firm generally speaking is precarioussmall business, even so when you are likely to be buying and selling within the […]

Google's Big Data Flu Flop. In the Pipeline: – In the Pipeline – Corante

Some of you may remember the “Google Flu” effort, where the company was going to try to track outbreaks of influenza in the US by mining Google queries. There was never much clarification about what terms, exactly, they were going to flag as being indicative of someone coming down with the flu, but the hype (or hope) at the time […]

Robinhood App Will Offer Zero-Commission Stock Trades Thanks …

Why pay E*Trade or Scottrade $7 to trade a stock when you could do it for free? That premise helped mobile investment app startup Robinhood raise the $3 million seed round led by Index Ventures it announced today. With zero-commission trading it will launch next month, Robinhood is out to prove that young people do care about trading stocks — […]