10 Rules All Penny Stock Traders Must Live By – Timothy Sykes




Plenty of people think of penny stock traders like the cowboys of the Wild West, as if we were all running around some kind of lawless financial environment – jumping in and out of volatile stocks at the slightest twitch of the market.But the thing is, trading like that – without any rules in place to protect your trades and […]

This App Wants To Take Stock Trading Away From Fat Cats And Put …

Since the financial crisis, the credibility of Wall Street has taken a beating. These days MBA graduates are as likely to work at socially minded start-ups as mega-banks. And day trading isn’t quite the popular sport it was in the helter-skelter days of the 1990s. Helping the planet is cool. Making unthinkingly large amounts of money is not.In this context, […]

How big data has become accessible to everyone | VentureBeat …

It’s been the narrative of technology since the wheel was invented. Something is new, exciting … and expensive. Then we find a way to mass produce it (or something similar). Processes get better, and equipment gets cheaper. Consumers save big. Then something new comes out.Lather, rinse, repeat.When big data first rose to market prominence, critics were quick to pounce on […]

WPCS International Incorporated (WPCS) news: Trade WPCS …

(Editors’ Note: This article covers a stock trading at less than $1 per share and/or with less than a $100 million market cap. Please be aware of the risks associated with these stocks.)Nearly everyone has heard about it, but not many really know what it is. I’m talking about the mysterious digital currency known as Bitcoin. I have always been […]

How social media sentiment can affect markets –

On a daily basis over 140 million users of micro-blogging service – Twitter are generating a collective 340 million small text messages. This abundance of data contains a multitude of patterns hidden within. But can this data predict whether the stocks go up or down? Can it really assist traders on making calculated, informed and successful trades?I think it is […]