RavenPack Sentiment News: Global Tensions on the Rise in 2014 …

Last weekend my wife remarked how torrid the world appeared to be at the moment. Indeed, unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you’ll know global tensions have been on the rise this year. Using RavenPack’s macroeconomic and geopolitical data set, we can see the elevated the number of geopolitical events taking place and how depressed sentiment has become.

How To Trade Credit Card Stocks (MA,AXP,DFS,V) – Investopedia

They may serve the same function, but not all credit cards are the same, as their commercials try to tell you. The same can be said for their stocks. Varying performance over the last several months shows that investors favor a couple companies over others. One credit card company remains in a strong uptrend, another in a weak uptrend, and […]

I Found The Cheapest Stock In The Stock Market – Alpha Natural …

SummaryAlpha Natural Resources only trades at 20% of its book value, making it effectively the cheapest stock in the stock market.
In times of normal profitability, the company regularly trades at 2-3x book value, suggesting room for significant capital appreciation if steam and coal rebounds.
This stock is not for conservative or retirement investors, as the lack of profitability in the past […]

Bitcoin Technical Analysis 4th July | Forex Minute – Financial News …

Bitcoin Technical Analysis 4th JulyBy Forexminute – Yes Option | Bitcoin | Jul 4, 2014 6:48AM BSTAs can be seen from the BTC/USD hourly chart above, the price of Bitcoin continues to be in entrapped a narrow trading range of 20 points. The trading range, which has its ends at 638 and 658, has already given 4 significant price reversals […]

Sentiment mappers event | The Reflect Project

Transport Systems Catapult organized the Sentiment Mappers Event last week as part of the Imagine Festival. The presentations proved to be inspiring and informative into ways of mapping people’s sentiments related to journeys with the ultimate goal to improve the customer experience in the transport sector.I include here a summary of the 5 presentations below, focusing on some of the […]

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Bear Capitulation” 11th June14 …

Swiss holidays yesterday so this week’s technical run through has been delayed slightly.Price has pushed on from last week’s report and as a consequence some of the technical readings, according to the team are rapidly moving into a contrarian territory which is starting to signal we are moving into the zone of the medium term top in major equity asset […]

Big Data for Executives 2014: Day 2 Highlights – KDnuggets

Highlights from the presentations by Big Data experts from McKinsey Solutions, SAP, Techfetch, Weather Analytics on Day 2 of Big Data for Executives 2014. By Anmol Rajpurohit (@hey_anmol), May 29, 2014.Big Data for Executives 2014 was a two-day event organized by Global Big Data Conference on May 5-6, 2014 specifically for the decision-making executives, and it addressed various questions […]

Big data innovation explodes at RENCI | RENCI

Big data innovation explodes at RENCI
Published: May 23, 2014
Claire McPherson of Deloitte closes out a great Innovation Summit.
The creative vibes were buzzing at the First NCDS Data Innovation Showcase, held at RENCI on Wednesday, May 21, 2014. The Showcase, centered around innovative strategies for the rapidly-expanding big data field, brought together NCDS members, faculty […]

Steelers fans share sentiment over NFL Draft delay in 2014 …

Since the NFL switched to a three-day draft in 2010, the typical Easter-time NFL Draft event has been pushed back, to the frustration of Pittsburgh Steelers fans, teams, scouts, organizations and even draft prospects.  In previous years, the draft would have already been underway, allowing fans to elude the mass of mock drafts and speculative debates that have predominated social […]

Social Finance: Have We Reached An Inflection Point? | CFA …

Len CostaIn his book The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham expresses a distinct wariness, if not outright disdain, for the wisdom of crowds. “You are neither right nor wrong because the crowd disagrees with you,” he penned. “You are right because your data and reasoning are right.” These days, the increasingly robust intersection between social media and professional finance seems to […]