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In fact, although it is commonly stated that stocks never lose money over a long enough period, these periods might be longer lived than we are. Don’t forget that our Grandfather that bought stocks in 1929 was not clearly out of the red until 1989. That’s right – if he really did buy and hold his shares, he would have […]

Do You Belong In The Stock Market? | Zero Hedge

Submitted by Economic Noise blog,How bad have markets been recently? If you are watching them day by day or week by week recently, they seem severe. Is this reaction because we have been spoiled and expect markets to always go up? Or, is something else going on?This chart shows SPY from January 2012 to the present. Each bar represents a […]

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Who Should Attend a Big Data Conference This Year?

February 10, 2014 by Dave Leininger
“I think this would be a good technology conference to attend,” I suggested to the owner of a small company for whom I worked years ago. “Here is why: out of 24 sessions being presented over two days, I can attend the eight that are closely aligned with […]

Why Analyze to Trade Stocks? | Plenty Restaurant

Stock trading has a lot of advantages as a practical part time job. Contrary to other occupations, no credentials are needed. The stock market does not care about your personality, ethnic origin, education or past success. Furthermore you can trade from any place in the world. So long as you obey certain rules you are free to run your company […]