High School Student Makes $72 Million Playing Stock Market …

NEW YORK, New York – A 17-year-old student at Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan decided to use his lunch break to play the stock market — and he’s good at it.New York Magazine reported Mohammed Islam has made tens of millions of dollars playing the stock market. The teen has a rumored net-worth of $72 million, according to the New York […]

Farmers Make Big Data Work for Them |

Knowledge really is power, and as data science becomes more intertwined with the agriculture industry, farmers have more and more questions about the vast amount of data they generate each year.An emerging sector of farmers can monetize their data with services from companies like Monsanto or Pioneer. Those services aggregate field-level data together from different areas and make crop management […]

The George Soros 'put' – betting big on stock market crash

The George Soros ‘put’ – betting big on stock market crashExtremist left-wing billionaire George Soros has managed to crash many economies in different countries. Now, Soros is betting big on a stock market crash in this country, with what’s known as the ‘Soros Put.’ The second one is that the “Soros put”, a legacy hedge position that the 83-year old […]