Is Biotech Finally In A Bubble? | Seeking Alpha

Is Biotech Finally In A Bubble? | Seeking AlphaDoctoRx has written an outstanding article on the biotech sector. I agree 100% with the doctor that biotech stocks are worth a good portion of your portfolio. I own XBI, the small cap biotech ETF, and BIB, the 2x leveraged ETF for large cap biotech stocks. These two stocks have far outperformed […]

January stunk for the stock market, and history … – Business Insider

Sara Silverstein

Feb. 1, 2015, 11:02 AM
There are many quirky calendar-based trading strategies when it comes to playing the market. Some are based on typical investor behavior at certain times of the year. Others just appear to be weird coincidences.Many have worked historically. But if you look at more recent periods do these strategies still hold up? Not really.The January Effect: Stocks […]

My 2015 Stock Market Projections

BROAD MARKETThe world market has 2 models for 2015.I believe 2015 will be setting up for another and the final bull year in equities. We are entering a period where the real economy (main street) which lagged the paper economy for many years has finally caught up and GDP has hit levels that very few analysts projected many years ago. […]

Comex Gold Futures (GC) Technical Analysis – August 5, 2014 …

Get Forex buy/sell signals directly to your email and by SMS.To learn more click hereAfter two days of consolidation inside a major retracement zone, December Comex Gold futures weakened on Monday. The significance of the move is that it identified the key area buyers will have to take out in order to put gold in a position to challenge the […]

Backoff – Technical Analysis – SpiderLabs Anterior

InstallationWhen the malware is originally run, it will to attempt to remove a previous version of itself (version 1.55 “backoff”). All associated files and processes are terminated. It will then attempt to open a pre-defined mutex to ensure it is not already running.The executable then proceeds to copy itself to the following location if it is discovered that it is […]

Who Should Manage Big Data? – Enterprise Visions

A few years ago, a new concept emerged in the business world: that of the so-called “data steward.” These data stewards would make it their sole focus to organize, vet, manage, and update all the digital information that a company needs for its strategic planning and competition initiatives.Fast-forward to the present: data stewards now have become an integral feature of […]

Brand New Site Design Launched Today – Stock Trading To Go

Welcome to the all new StockTradingToGo (STTG).Over the past month I have been working with Emily from Emily White Designs to give STTG a face lift. There were three primary goals:Make the site 100% responsive. Finally, no matter what device you are using to access the site (phone, tablet, PC, etc), you will have a smooth experience.
Speed things up. WordPress coupled with Genesis […]

Here's the Weird Thing About Tumbling Stock Market

Read Full Article ›› TAGGED: Joe Weisenthal, Stock MarketRECOMMENDED ARTICLESApril 9, 2014US Boom? A Demographic TailwindJoe Weisenthal, Business InsiderApril 7, 2014The Chart to Watch for Supposed Market BubbleJeff Saut, MinyanvilleStrategist Jeff Saut offers his latest thoughts on the stock market. more »April 7, 2014This Extraordinarily Ferocious SellingJim Cramer, TheStreet.comWhen you have a selloff as dramatic as we have had […]