STTG Market Recap July 29, 2014 – Stock Trading To Go

Indexes continue to stagnate in July as the S&P 500 fell 0.45% and the NASDAQ 0.05% due to a late day selloff.  Sanctions versus Russia were heightened by the U.S. and Europe which some point to for the late selling.  (Obama spoke on TV)    The Conference Board’s measure of consumer confidence came in Tuesday at 90.9 in July, the highest […]

STTG Market Recap July 25, 2014 – Stock Trading To Go

Indexes gapped down and stayed down all session as weakness in and Visa hurt morale a bit.  The S&P 500 fell 0.48% and the NASDAQ 0.50%.  Late in the day  Goldman Sachs released a note saying they are “neutral” on equities over three months as it sees a slide in bonds leading to a temporary selloff in stocks:
The firm […]

FuturePerfect Ventures Is A Small Fund Launched To Back …

Looking to harness the flood of data streaming from every networked and sensor-enabled smart device, computer, and machine that circumscribe our modern world, FuturePerfect Ventures has launched a small venture fund to focus on the bedeviling problem of big data.Founded by Jalak Jobanputra, the former director of mobile investments for the Omidyar Network, and previously senior vice president of the […]

The Stock Market isn't Where you Get RichPragmatic Capitalism …

As a society we praise people who make it rich in the stock market.  Every day we hear stories about money managers who “beat the market”, the stock that rose 100% in a matter of days or some myth about Warren Buffett.  This get rich story is all a very enticing story and it’s even true on many occasions, but […]

Big data is a big opportunity, but current IT thinking needs to change

Hitachi Data Systems has just revealed the results of its “Information Innovation Index,” which is a study that aimed to measure how businesses are able to tap into and make good use of big data. And the short answer is that many feel they’re not making best use of the swathes of data they’re sat on.The study was conducted by […]

Tesco Buys Into Ad Tech As Big Data Division Dunnhumby Nabs …

UK-based Tesco, the world’s second-largest retailer after Walmart, has made a killing in its sector by jumping early into the use of big data, collected via loyalty cards as well as through stores and online, to figure out what its customers wanted to buy. Today, Dunnhumby, the data science group that helped Tesco with that effort, which Tesco eventually acquired, is making an acquisition of […]