Pace plans to list Dean & DeLuca in US stock market – The Nation

CEO Sorapoj Techakraisri said yesterday that the company expects the contribution from its new diversified food retail business to be equal to or even exceed its real estate business by 2018.Revenue from Dean & DeLuca will rise to US$103 million (Bt3.3 billion) this year from more than $90 million last year.Pace acquired the food business from its founders in the […]

Etsy prices shares at $16 for stock market debut –

Etsy priced its shares at $16 ahead of its Thursday Wall Street debut for the online marketplace known for handicrafts and strong social values.

The share price valued Etsy at $1.78 billion and promised to raise about $267 million for the Brooklyn, New York-based firm.
The stock is set to trade on the Nasdaq market Thursday under the symbol “ETSY.”
Etsy was founded […]

2 Growing Biotech Stocks to Buy (ALXN, CSII) | InvestorPlace

The bull market turned six-years-old this week, which is pretty amazing. It’s been quite a ride. In that time, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has charged ahead more than 150%, the S&P 500 180% and Nasdaq 250%. One group that has been at the forefront of this bull market is biotech stocks.Source: FlickrIn fact, the past five years have been […]

Biotech stocks to watch ahead of liver disease conference

The number of patients with this chronic liver disease, which can lead to permanent liver scarring, eclipses that of hepatitis C in the U.S., RBC’s Yee said. While a significant number aren’t diagnosed, “we believe, based on survey work, that there are hundreds of thousands of patients with diagnosed NASH,” and that the global market for NASH drugs may reach […]

Bulls Get Monday Win/ VIX Back Below 15/ Profit Alert! – Momentum … Pre-Market Update for 8/12/2014Bulls Get Monday Win/ VIX Back Below 15/ Profit Alert!9:00 a.m. (EST)The bulls won their third-straight Monday session and cleared resistance, for the most part, following a continued rally off of last Thursday’s lows. Check one.Check two came on lowered volatility, as geopolitical tensions eased and the VIX deflated. And, check three? Well, that came after […]

The Promise [sic] of Big Data | emptywheel

22 pages into the White House report on Big Data, this paragraph appears:Government keeps the peace. It makes sure our food is safe to eat. It keeps our air and  water clean. The laws and regulations it promulgates order economic and political life. Big data technology stands to improve nearly all the services the public sector delivers.It presents several claims […]

Stock Market Forecast – Business Insider

Library of CongressI have recently expressed a cautious view of the stock market.
Specifically, I’ve said I think the odds of a sharp decline (“crash”) are increasing. And I think the odds are very good that stocks will provide lousy returns from this level over the next 7-10 years.Well, most people are bullish about the stock market these days (because the […]