Lim: Nasdaq 5,000 Not Different This Time

Lim: Nasdaq 5,000 Not Different This TimeMarch 3, 2015“Tech is 47% of the index … [A]t an average P/E of 21.5, the Nasdaq is still considerably more expensive than the Dow Jones industrial average, the S&P 500, European stocks, emerging market stocks, and the list goes on and on. …“[T]he Nasdaq Biotech index now trades at P/E of around 50. […]

Stock Markets Around The World Are Flat – Business Insider

Dina Spector

Aug. 27, 2014, 8:38 AM
The Crepes of Wrath
European markets are basically flat early Wednesday.
Here’s the scorecard:France’s CAC 40 is down 0.1%.Germany’s DAX is down 0.1%.Spain’s IBEX is up 0.2%Italy’s FTSE MIB is flat.Britain’s FTSE 100 is flat.Asian markets closed flat, with Nikkei’s 225 closing up just 0.09%.U.S. futures are up a hair, with Dow futures up 9 points and […]

Who Should Manage Big Data? – Enterprise Visions

A few years ago, a new concept emerged in the business world: that of the so-called “data steward.” These data stewards would make it their sole focus to organize, vet, manage, and update all the digital information that a company needs for its strategic planning and competition initiatives.Fast-forward to the present: data stewards now have become an integral feature of […]

Is big data the answer for every company? No! – Fortune Tech

Big data technology isn’t for every company, according to SnapLogic CEO Gaurav Dhillon. But for those in certain industries, it can have major impacts.FORTUNE — If software is eating the world, as described by the prominent venture capitalist Marc Andreessen in 2011, then big data is supposed to be saving it. Right?Popular use of the term “big data,” which is used to describe technologies that […]

"Weaning The Stock Market Off Casino Capitalism Will Be Anything …

Authored by David Hay, CIO of Evergreen Gavekal,“We’ve gone back into this kind of a foie-gras bubble environment. We’re all being force-fed risk assets. It’s an unpleasant experience when you’re playing goose to the central bank farmer.” -James Montier, strategist at elite money manager, GMO

“Unless countries come together to take the right kind of policy measures, we could be facing […]

The Minefields Of Stock Market Content [TheStreet, Inc.] – Seeking …

SummaryReports say authors may have been paid to write favorable articles about micro/small cap biotechs.
Plenty of people contribute content who clearly don’t know what they are doing.
The writing world has gotten flatter.
by Roger Nusbaum AdvisorShares ETF StrategistThere was an interesting […]