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Cooper Smith

Aug. 18, 2014, 11:05 AM
BI Intelligence
The average global internet user spends two and a half hours daily on social media, and information on their activity — gathered under the catch-all ‘big data’ — reveals a great deal about what makes them tick.
Now, social networks are making significant investments in putting this data to work to deliver personalized content, and […]

peHUB » Twitter buys social data provider Gnip, stock soars-Reuters

(Reuters) – Twitter Inc said on Tuesday it bought social data provider Gnip for an undisclosed amount, signaling that it would take on a new role of packaging and selling data, a service in demand by business and government.The social media company said separately that it hired a Google executive to lead its consumer product development, filling a position that […]

Brand Owners Use Location Analytics Lens to View Social Media …

A demonstration view of a Venuelabs dashboard showing customer activities including complaints.
If there’s a complaint on Facebook about restroom hygiene at an Applebee’s in Miami, what is the brand manager monitoring the national restaurant chain’s mentions on social media supposed to do?
Contact managers at each of the chain’s five eateries in the area? Start a spreadsheet tracking all comments in […]

Foursquare's New Big Data Initiative Is Going To … – Business Insider

Foursquare is still making gains in users and check-ins, with the company reporting in December of last year that it had reached 45 million registered users and surpassed 5 billion check-ins. That’s up from January 2013, when Foursquare had 30 million registered users, a 50% gain in just under one year. (Foursquare did not say how many of those registered […]

What Really is Big Data? | Opallios – Big Data | Accelerated Product …

Big Data is the latest buzzword, and as such everybody is using it to their convenience. This has inevitably created some confusion. In this blog post we will try to clear it up.Big data is about two things:  large sets of typically unstructured data and some relatively new techniques to deal with this kind of data. To get a good […]