Hedge Funds Underperform In July, Lose -0.02%

Guest post courtesy of the Hennessee Group.
August 13, 2015 – New York, NY – Hennessee Group LLC announced today that the Hennessee Hedge Fund Index lost -0.02% in July (+2.94% YTD), while the S&P 500 gained +1.97% (+2.18% YTD), the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose +0.40% (-0.75% YTD), and the NASDAQ Composite Index jumped +2.84% (+8.28% YTD). Bonds were also […]

Fund Managers’ Current Asset Allocation – July

Summary: Overall, fund managers’ asset allocations in July provide a confused view.On the one hand, fund managers raised cash to a 6 1/2 year high. It hasn’t been this high since the height of panic in late 2008. This is normally contrarian bullish.Note, however, that allocations to equities rose over the past month. Most of the rise in cash came […]

Jeff Gundlach on Chinese stocks: “It's not good.” – Business Insider

DoubleLine Capital”It’s not good.”According to DoubleLine Funds’ Jeff Gundlach, that’s really the only thing you can say about the boom and crash of the Chinese stock market.Even after its 28% crash since its June high, China’s Shanghai Composite Index is still up around 84% from a year ago.Gundlach, who spoke Tuesday during a webcast for DoubleLine Funds’ investors, said that […]

'A crash is coming, and it may be terrific' – Business Insider

MPI/Getty ImagesOne of the first things you hear about the stock market are the stories of the great bull markets and great crashes.And when you hear the stories about these dramatic moves, you also quickly hear about the great (and not-so-great) forecasts that preceded them.We like to imagine that there are people who can predict the future. And none are […]

Major drag, huh ?

“We’re not gonna make it, are we ? People, I mean.”
“It is in your nature to destroy yourselves.”
“Yeah. Major drag, huh ?”
–       From James Cameron’s ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’.
Here is a thought experiment. It is January 2000. The last wild Pyrenean ibex has been found dead, squashed by a tree. America Online has just announced an agreement to buy Time […]

Hedge Funds Gain +1.03% In April

Guest post courtesy of the Hennessee Group.
Hedge Funds Outperform in April
May 19, 2015 – New York, NY – Hennessee Group LLC announced today that the Hennessee Hedge Fund Index gained +1.03% in April (+3.71% YTD), while the S&P 500 gained 0.85% (+1.29% YTD), the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose gained 0.36% (+0.10% YTD), and the NASDAQ Composite Index rose 0.83% […]

Why Am I Still In the Stock Market? | Andrew Zatlin … – Financial Sense

I’m putting my money where my mouth is. My 401K is entirely in equity market funds and stocks, and will stay there as long as I see the right signals from the economy and bond market. But make no mistake; I am getting ready to jump ship. This is really a matter of timing the market.The Signals That Matter Right […]

A Gigantic Stock Market Sell-Off Is No Reason To … – Business Insider

The stock market has its ups and downs. And the downs are certainly much more unnerving than the ups.Currently, European markets are getting slammed and U.S. futures are sharply lower.As of yesterday’s close, the S&P 500 is down by around 1% from its recent all-time high of 1,985.And if history’s any guide, the stock market could see much more red […]

This Chart Of Stock Market Inflection Points Is … – Business Insider

Every quarter, JPMorgan Funds publishes this annotated chart of the S&P 500 since 1997.It highlights the last two stock market peaks and subsequent crashes.Back when we saw it in April 2013, the S&P 500 was at 1,569, which was just points from the Oct. 9, 2007, high. Back then, the message was that valuations were actually attractive despite the elevated […]

Stock Market When Fed Is Tightening – Business Insider

Library of CongressStock brokers working at the New York Stock Exchange in 1963One of the big challenges of investing these days is to avoid missing the forest for the trees.
We are now barraged with so much daily market and economic information, at such a high decibel level, that it’s easy to miss broader cyclical changes that occur over months and […]