Seeking Alpha Crowd Wisdom Predicts Future Stock Returns …

SummaryA recent academic study, highlighted in today’s WSJ, validates that crowd-sourced research is predictive of future stock prices.
SA articles and comments were predictive of future stock prices and earnings surprises over all time-frames studied, from one month to three years.
Traditional media, sell-side research, and […]

Bubble, Bubble… Who Has Seen The Stock Market … – Seeking Alpha

Everyone is looking for bubbles these days. I, too, am looking for bubbles, so I do not feel alone.The problem is…how do you identify a bubble.Alan Greenspan is famous for saying one time that a bubble cannot be identified, before it bursts! The conclusion he drew from this is that monetary policy cannot fight a bubble…because…if you cannot identify […]

Video Guide On Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets

0 50 Send this article by emailWhat is your name?Please indicate below the emails to which you want to send this article: Learn How to Perform Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets Easy Way: [Video]Enter one email per line. No more than 5 emails.SendCloseHey Guys,Its Bill hereIn today’s video, we’ll talk about Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets, i hope you’ll enjoy.I […]

A “Futurehunter” Examines the Dangers of Stock Trading at the …

GREED IS GOOD? Too much reliance on certain technologies in the finance world can be dangerous.
Image: From “Humanity in the Machine: What Comes after Greed? (Volume 1),” by Brian David Johnson. Published by York House Press, Ltd.
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