Is Big Data IT's gift to the CEO? | Splunk Blogs

At the beginning of June, I was at the Gartner CIO & IT Executive Summit in Berlin. It was an interesting event to attend in terms of the advice given to the CIOs at the event, how to deal with the “digital industrial revolution” and how to support the CEO’s top business priorities.From the Gartner survey, a CEO’s top five […]

Big data just got its Tricorder | Splunk Blogs

In Star Trek a Tricorder is described as:“A Tricorder is a multifunction hand-held device useful for data sensing, analysis, and recording data, with many specialized abilities which make it an asset to crews aboard starships and space stations as well as on away missions”.I’m happy to announce the launch of the Splunk Mobile App, which unofficially I’m calling the “Big […]

A marketer's journey through the Big Data Archipelago – Customer …

Come along with me on a journey through the Big Data Archipelago. It involves “visiting” a series of islands – an archipelago if you will – that each present a different opportunity to find value in big data.Big data is arguably one of the most overhyped buzzwords in business today, yet we can’t call it a mere “buzzword” because it’s […]

Gartner: Big Data security should start with the data | SiliconANGLE

One of the central requirements of Big Data is that you take a data-centric approach to cybersecurity. Well, that seems obvious enough – if your vital data is stored in huge repositories, it makes sense to secure said repositories – but apparently most people don’t get it.In a new paper from Gartner, Big Data Needs a Data-Centric Security Focus, the […]

Companies need a data-centred security policy to cope with big data

Big data is all the rage at the moment but when it comes to security it shouldn’t be treated in isolation from the rest of the organization.According to a new report from research specialists Gartner, policies need to take account of all forms of data if security problems are to be avoided.”Businesses have traditionally managed data within structured and unstructured […]

Big Data needs more cloud-based managed services | SiliconANGLE

Despite its strong association with the cloud, most Big Data deployments are in private data centers, writes Wikibon Principal Research Contributor Jeff Kelly in “For Big Data to Thrive in the Cloud, More Managed Services Required”.This creates a couple of issues. First, many Big Data use cases are built on large volumes of data that reside in the Cloud, not […]

Pivotal Offers a Big Data Bundle – – – Bits

The technologies that fly under the banner of “big data” may be new, but the business strategies have a familiar look.A prime example is the announcement on Wednesday from Pivotal, the big data and cloud computing company, a joint venture of EMC and VMware, in which General Electric has a stake.Pivotal is introducing its “Big Data Suite,” a bundle of […]