China's economy adjusted for the financial boom – Business Insider

Societe GeneraleFinancial sector up like crazy thanks to the crazy stock market surge.China’s volatile stock market has been front and center over the last few months.The Shanghai Composite Index exploded to all-time highs in June, and then crashed about a month later.But although the stocks grabbed everyone’s attention, it’s also important to look at what’s going on in the rest of […]

Singapore Stock Market crash 2.64% in a single day | States Times …

The Singapore stock market with the national Straits Times Index (STI) crashed 2.64% in a single day today (August 12) and even bottomed out at 3,060 (-2.95%) in the morning today. Singapore’s economy is currently facing a downturn with a decline of 4% in GDP from yesterday’s official announcement. The Singapore currency is also currently trading at its 5-year low […]

China's Stock Market Collapse | naked capitalism

By Jayati Ghosh, Professor of Economics and Chairperson at the Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Cross posted from Triple CrisisThe recent rout in the Chinese stock market – and the Chinese authorities’ increasingly panicky responses to it that temporarily halted the decline – may not seem all that important to some observers. Indeed, there […]

China's stock-market crash effect – Business Insider

REUTERS/Kim Kyung-HoonA man watching a board showing the graphs of stock prices at a brokerage office in Beijing on July 6.Chinese stocks have been getting hammered recently.After a boom in activity earlier this year, the Shanghai Composite Index has tumbled during July.But China has a bigger problem — in short, the growth of nominal gross domestic product (the size of […]

Daily Intelligence Briefing – Pharma

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Big Pharma Refills its Blockbuster Pipeline While the Generics Consolidate


This Week’s Issue Cluster: Pharma
Generic drugmakers get on the megamerger bandwagon
New blockbuster branded drugs are coming down the pike, including Alzheimer’s, malaria, and cholesterol.
US […]

Stock market 1987 similarity with China's stock market today …

UBSGross domestic product never went negative in 1987 — even with crazy stock-market drop.The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged a shocking 508 points — or about 22.6% — back on October 19, 1987.But as scary as that drop was, US economic growth was resilient, and gross-domestic-product growth never went negative.If you’re thinking about the 1987 crash in the context of […]

China's stock market turbulence is over? Don't count on it | Business …

One investor shows the strain in a stock exchange hall in Nantong, Jiangsu province, during the recent week of turbulence. Photograph: ChinaFotoPress/Getty
The numbers are mind-boggling. Ten days of falls on the Shanghai stock exchange resulted in losses that exceeded the GDP of Mexico. And 12 million Chinese citizens who opened share-trading accounts in May were nursing potentially ruinous losses. Margin […]

China's stock market dream could bring about its … – Business Insider

ReutersChina’s ruling Communist Party has made it clear that it has a mortal enemy: social unrest.Separately, it has also made it clear that the Chinese people should be heavily invested in the stock market.And so, dutifully, the Chinese people have done just that, spurring the longest bull market in the country’s history — the glorious 100% rally of the Shanghai […]

China's stock market is about to collapse – Hang The Bankers

It’s been an ugly week for Chinese equities, but today’s performance is a whole other level of ugly:
Today marked the fourth largest decline of the Shanghai Composite in two decades.We’ve discussed the insane valuations on the Shanghai and Shenzen stock-exchange before. As our regular readers will know, today’s fireworks have been a long time in the making.Today the benchmark Shanghai Composite plunged 6.4%.  That brings […]

What the size of your country's stock market says … – Business Insider

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What does the size of a country’s market tell you about a country’s economy and its standard of living?That’s a question frontier markets strategist Andrew Howell aimed to answer in Citi’s massive new report on global public assets.”Governments should encourage the growth of equity markets, because they tend to be associated with economic development,” Howell wrote. “Whether or not […]