Biotech Stocks to Love: Biogen Inc (NASDAQ:BIIB), OncoGenex …

Many individual investors have opted to invest in biotech ETFs and mutual funds. The XBI and SBIO funds have performed well because they focus more on small and mid-sized biotech companies. The IBB, which has emerged as something of a proxy for the industry for many investors, is weighted much more heavily to bigger, more proven biotech companies.The volatility of […]

Weekly Reversal Report For 6/8/2015 CTLT , WNR, And GLW. CTLT Has Statistics But Not Enough Trades, GLW Just Short Of Perfect, But Still Slick As…

A piece of sculpted Steuben glass from Post Online MediaNote: For full disclosure, I am an former Corning employee, but I am neither a hapless fan boy nor am I a current shareholder of Corning stock. My stock screens (fundamental, technical, and neural net) found this name and a few others that hit the top of my lists this past […]

3 Excellent Biotech Stocks to Buy on the Dip – Zacks Investment …

After an incredible run, investors are finally seeing some pain in the biotech and broader health care sector. Major biotechnology indexes were off over 4% in Wednesday trading, while the short term trend has not been favorable either.Some investors may now think that the bubble has burst for the high growth biotech sector, but there are actually still a few […]

The Worst-Performing Biotech Stocks Of 2014

It was generally a good year for biotechnology stocks, but the sector remains a risky one. Below are 20 biotechnology companies that lost more than 70% of their value in 2014. (Click here for a list of the best performers.)There aren’t many lessons here. Tolstoy said that happy families are all alike, and but every unhappy family is unhappy in […]

These Biotech Stocks to Buy Profit from Today's "Miracle Cures"

When researching the best biotech stocks to buy, investors often look for companies that will cure terrible, chronic diseases.Until recently, these biotech stocks have been elusive.”Modern medicine, for all of its sophisticated drugs, complex gadgets, and amazing surgical procedures, rarely cures anything,” Money Morning‘s Biotech Investing Specialist Ernie Tremblay said. “It treats. It manages. It postpones the inevitable. But return […]

3 Hot Biotech Stocks Hitting Highs | Benzinga

The first quarter of the year brought with it some major selling in the momentum names, specifically in biotech stocks.
Since then, the overall stock market has recovered, and so have most biotech stocks with it. Unfortunately, while the market has hit new highs, most biotechs have not.
Some biotech stocks, however, have performed better than others, and some have actually outperformed […]