One analyst is convinced the biotech stock plunge is 'misguided'

View photo.(Wikimedia Commons)Some investors have been worried about a bubble in biotech stocks, and Wednesday’s sell off seemed to prove those fears.Biotech stocks fell more than 3%, their biggest one-day drop this year.But the industry is still one of the best-performing in the market: it’s up 35% over the past 12 months and 9.3% year-to-date, compared to year-to-date gains of 3% for the […]

Bubble Bursting? 3 Top Stock Biotech Stocks to Buy

Source: Celgene Corp.Biotech companies have been among the market’s best-performing stocks, and that means many of the industry’s top stocks have soared to lofty levels that might have kept investors on the sidelines. Since sliding markets are likely to take biotech stocks lower, investors could soon have their first chance in a long time to buy into some great companies […]

Biotech Stock Roundup: Biogen Soars on Alzheimer's Data, Gilead …

It’s been an eventful week on the pipeline front with companies like Biogen (BIIB – Analyst Report), Prothena (PRTA – Snapshot Report) and Vertex (VRTX – Analyst Report) coming out with data. Meanwhile, Gilead (GILD – Analyst Report) was back in the news once again due to its hepatitis C virus (HCV) franchise.Recap of the Week’s Most Important Stories1. Hopes […]

Dollar-Dump, Biotech-Bruising , & Rail-Rout, Ruins Record Run In Stocks

If you bought Trannies ahead of The FOMC, then…Otherwise… given the volume traded today…The S&P 500 has now alternated down and up for last 9 daysIt’s been quite a ride… post-FOMCOn the day, Trannies got trounced by Railroad warnings…and Biotechs buggered by GileadSectors all rolled over hard into today’s close…Today’s market traded in a very narrow range and on extremely […]

ETF Investing: Biotech stocks on pace to snap 8-day win streak as warnings abound

ShutterstockNEW YORK (MarketWatch)—Biotech stocks slumped Monday, with the largest biotech ETF down about 1.7% and on track to snap an eight-session winning streak.The slide comes as some market watchers warn that biotech shares have enjoyed a great run-up and could be due for a drop.“Biotech must be slaughtered” is how a post over at the iBankCoin blog puts it.How low […]

6 trades on surging biotech sector

Seymour warned that the fund sat in “overbought territory,” saying that it might soon pull back. Trader Brian Kelly agreed, adding that investors might want to take profits on biotech names next week.Some biotech names may not have exhausted their momentum, trader Guy Adami said. He believes that Celgene could move even higher, adding that Gilead and Amgen may have […]

3 Biotech Stocks Wall Street Loves

Source: Wikimedia Commons .How can you know when Wall Street really loves a stock? One key sign is how many of the analysts covering the stock maintain buy ratings. Another tell-tale indicator is the price targets these analysts give for the stock. The higher the target is above the current share price, the more highly the analysts view the stock.Analysts […]

The 4 Biggest Biotech Stocks In The Market

View gallery.When the market gets a little sketchy, investors might tend to prefer the “blue chip” companies vs. the smaller companies due to the perceived safety in the bigger names.To isolate those bigger names, the most common method is by searching for companies with the largest market capitalization.Market cap is defined as the total dollar market value of all of […]

3 Biotech Stocks I'd Love to Stash Away in My Portfolio Forever

Source: Celgene CorporationIt’s been proven time and time again that investing for the long haul outperforms short-term trading, but biotechnology stock investors must also realize that the industry moves so quickly that only the best-of-breed players ought to be stashed away for the long term. For that reason, while I’m happy to own a few speculative biotech stocks here and […]

3 Tiny Biotech Stocks That I'm Paying Attention to in 2015

The fact that biotech stocks can trade up or down significantly based on news from clinical research trials ensures there is no shortage of pop-and-drop stories in this business. The industry’s volatility might scare off many investors, but for those willing to accept the risk, here are three tiny biotech stocks that could make big moves thanks to the release […]