Apple Leaves Wall Street Unimpressed As Stock Drops In Early …

On Monday, Apple announced record quarterly sales for the iPhone and iPad, an unexpected uptick in Mac sales, and a profit of $13.1 billion on revenue of $57.6 billion.
None of this has impressed Wall Street. The company’s stock price was down around 8 percent in early Tuesday trading.
So what’s the problem? The experts were expecting Apple to announce iPhone sales […]

It's tough to trade Amazon stock: BGC analyst Colin Gillis –

“The bull case, which I also understand, is that you take the market caps of Wal-Mart, Netflix, Salesforce, roll them all together—boom, that’s what you’re going to get,” he said. “The bear case is that, hey, this is a commodity retailer, and a commodity-retail play margin is about 5 percent,” Gillis said. “If you look […]