Stock Market in DANGER of Strangling the Bears to Death :: The …

Stock Market in DANGER of Strangling the Bears to DeathStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Jul 20, 2014 – 07:46 AM GMTBy: Nadeem_WalayatThe 5+ year stocks bull market continues to tighten its noose around the bears throats, though despite reddening faces and bulging eyes this has not halted the increasingly exasperated calls for the stocks bull markets always imminent end to definitely […]

Will Overseas Stock Market Volatility Hit U.S. Shores? :: The Market …

Will Overseas Stock Market Volatility Hit U.S. Shores?Stock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Jul 02, 2014 – 11:59 AM GMTBy: Clif_Droke

While the U.S. indices have been mostly upbeat, most of the action has been in Europe. Stocks across several European exchanges were hard hit last week as investors overseas panicked over a slate of negative news – […]

Is VIX Beckoning The Stock Market Bear? :: The Market Oracle …

Is VIX Beckoning The Stock Market Bear?Stock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Jun 20, 2014 – 11:03 AM GMTBy: Clif_Droke

The FOMC issued guidance at its Wednesday policy meeting to the effect that interest rates would remain low into the foreseeable future. It further lowered the pace of its monthly asset purchases by $10 billion to $35 billion per month. […]

NEW: Technical Analysis of Women in Jars! (GLD, GS) – Oakshire …

We’re going to open this week with a discussion of one aspect of market psychology that we hope you’ll find interesting.We believe it’s worthy of discussion because it happens often enough to be chartable, and, to a fairly great degree, its outcome is also predictable.It’s quite simply the phenomenon of the sideways moving market.Time Frames and Market Patterns We should be […]

Interest Rate Scenarios & Stock Market PerformancePragmatic …

By Ben Carlson, A Wealth of Common Sense
“In the case of equities or real estate or farms or whatever, other very important variables are almost always at work, and that means the effect of interest rate changes is usually obscured. Nonetheless, the effect–like the invisible pull of gravity–is constantly there.” – Warren Buffett
The way I see it there are currently […]

Big Data: Hype or Hope? – Adotas

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Big Data: Hype or Hope?Written on
Apr 7, 2014 Author
Ernie Capobianco |


ADOTAS Big Data. Everybody’s talking about it. You’d think it was a cure-all, the ultimate panacea. The greatest thing to hit marketing since the Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?” campaign. All kinds of companies in almost every niche industry are trying to extract value from Big Data. […]

Paine Publishing | The worst story ever published on social media ROI

When I come across stories that make my blood boil, I generally chose not to blog about them because the last thing I want to do is to generate any more exposure for the stupid misconceptions that they are promoting. But in this case, I can’t help myself. This post “3 Reasons You Can’t Measure Social Marketing ROI”  feeds into […]

Google Cloud Platform Blog: Easier, faster and lower cost Big Data …

Google Compute Engine VMs provide a fast and reliable way to run Apache Hadoop. Today, we’re making it easier to run Hadoop on Google Cloud Platform with the Preview release of the Google Cloud Storage connector for Hadoop that lets you focus on your data processing logic instead of on managing a cluster and file system.Diagram of Hadoop on Google […]