Indian Stock Market at its Highest – Ludwig von Mises Institute Canada

The world is watching the ongoing election for India’s federal government, the biggest voting exercise ever, with 814 million people eligible to vote. Narendra Modi is seen as the next Prime Minister (PM). In anticipation of a major expected positive shift in the economy, Indian stock market has gone to its highest ever. The rupee has been strengthening. Is India, […]

India Stock Market Booming on Modi Hopes – The American Interest

India’s stock market has hit record highs on consecutive days over the past few weeks, largely due to an outpouring of optimism that Narendra Modi, a pro-business and no-nonsense candidate for Prime Minister, will win the upcoming election.James Crabtree reports for the FT:The benchmark Sensex index retreated slightly on Tuesday, but the day before it nosed above 22,000 for the […]

Kotal Equities Sanjeev Prasad outlines trading strategy for elections …

It’s election season so trade is likely to turn volatile as market participants weight various political outcomes. As of now, opinion polls predict the BJP-led NDA to emerge victorious in the polls, but equity strategists know that in a country as diverse as India, it’s futile to hazard a definite guess about electoral outcome and bet your money on it. […]

Indian Stock Markets Hit Record High on B.J.P. Victories – NYTimes …

Amit Dave/ReutersSupporters of Bharatiya Janata Party celebrating outside the party office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, on Sunday.The Indian stock markets hit record highs on Monday after the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party, perceived as a more business-friendly party by investors, performed well in four state elections.The Sensex index surged 487 points to 21,483.74 points, beating its previous record of 21,321.53 on Nov. […]