Chinese Man Jumps From 17th Floor In First Stock Market Casualty …

It appears the collapse of China’s stock market has officially taken its first victim. While we have heard from desperate farmers who lost everything after realizing that making money in stocks is not easier than farmwork, RT reports that a 57-year-old man has allegedly committed suicide in Shenyang, the largest city in Liaoning Province, by jumping off the 17th floor […]

FIN4: Stealing Insider Information for an Advantage in Stock Trading …

At FireEye, we investigate cyber threat activity that typically aligns with one of two goals: the pursuit of sensitive information to fulfill a government’s goals, or the theft of data for financial gain. The media echoes these two objectives daily in news stories about Eastern European cybercriminals stealing payment card data from retailers, or China-based threat groups targeting high tech […]

DevOps Weekly Round-Up: Combining big data and DevOps …

This week in DevOps shows big data and and DevOps are two of the latest IT trends to intersect–and just as with BI and big data, they unlock new potential for organizations when leveraged together.XpoLog continues to build log analytics software for applications on a variety of infrastructures in DevOps and production support using Hadoop. GigaSpaces Technologies continues to innovate […]

Financial Premises: Impact of Social Media on Capital Market – Part 1

Social Media
Social Media platforms offers unique features to communicate directly and immediately with any individual or corporate. With ease access of social media sites through mobile and laptops, Social platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, pinterest and many others are increasing used by large number of people to share information, news and their thoughts. People are freely expressing their opinions and […]