GRANTHAM: The Stock Market Will Run Deep … – Business Insider

Morningstar.comJeremy GranthamYou could argue that Jeremy Grantham is bullish.In a new quarterly letter to GMO clients, the gloomy veteran fund manager predicts the S&P 500 could see another 10% surge from the 2,041 level we’re at today.”My personal fond hope and expectation is still for a market that runs deep into bubble territory (which starts… at 2250 on the S&P […]

Everyone's Telling Us To Forget About 10% Annual Stock Market …

REUTERS/Sue OgrockiI gotta rethink my strategy.During a presentation this morning, Nuveen’s chief equity strategist Bob Doll offered his longer-term forecasts alongside his predictions for 2014. Here are his five long-term themes:
Economic power and financial wealth continue to shift from developed to emerging world (although cyclical issues have interrupted this)
Emerging market consumers set the pace for global growth with an […]