Frontrunning: July 28

Fed Officials May Offer More Clarity on Rates (WSJ)
Stocks rebound, shrugging off volatile and weak China (Reuters)
Three-Day Selloff Knocks 11% From China Shares (WSJ)
China shares fall again as Beijing scrambles to calm markets (Reuters)
VAT hikes to make Greek destination less popular (Kathimerini)
Varoufakis – Something is rotten with the eurozone’s hideous restrictions on sovereignty (FT)
EU denies Varoufakis ‘tax control’ claims (FT)
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What the size of your country's stock market says … – Business Insider

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What does the size of a country’s market tell you about a country’s economy and its standard of living?That’s a question frontier markets strategist Andrew Howell aimed to answer in Citi’s massive new report on global public assets.”Governments should encourage the growth of equity markets, because they tend to be associated with economic development,” Howell wrote. “Whether or not […]

Stock Market Caution as Greek Crisis Reaches Endgame :: The …

Stock Market Caution as Greek Crisis Reaches EndgameStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2015Jun 14, 2015 – 04:27 PM GMTBy: Christopher_QuigleyEuropean markets were on a roller coaster ride last week as rumor and counter rumor about a Greek deal with the European Central Bank circulated and affected sentiment. When news hit Friday that the IMF team had left for Washington the DAX […]

Stocks calm amid deflation, threats to corporate profit

Stocks finished mixed again on Thursday in another quiet session. I checked the calendar, because the action feels eerily like a holiday reprieve. Where is everyone?Or maybe like a calm before a storm given threatening data on nascent deflation and a rollover in corporate earnings. I know it’s almost forbidden to say this out loud with sentiment so bubbly — […]

Another Leg for Bull Stock Market

Is this another leg for bull stock market? Stocks indices close at a new high in week 8, 2015. Top performing industries are industrial textile, gaming activities, foreign regional banks, and biotech.This post will look into the top performing stocks, industry, and sector. The S&P 500 index has a weekly return of 0.68%. NASDAQ Composite has a weekly return of […]

The Anticipated Stock Market Correction Is Developing :: The Market …

The Anticipated Stock Market Correction Is DevelopingStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Aug 06, 2014 – 07:46 PM GMTBy: Christopher_QuigleyLast month I wrote that the stock market was overvalued and that caution was warranted.I reckon the anticipated correction started July 31st, a month or so sooner than I expected.Recent price movement has done considerable technical damage to all indices and I do […]

The Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd Insider Trading Probe: Should …

Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd (TSX: FFH) confirmed on July 31 that Chief Executive Officer Prem Watsa and President Paul Rivett are being investigated by Quebec’s securities regulator as part of a probe into possible insider trading and tipping.Insider trading occurs when an individual or organization uses non-public corporate information to trade stocks. Normally, this happens shortly before important information is made […]

The Stock Market is Overvalued, Caution is Warranted :: The Market …

The Stock Market is Overvalued, Caution is Warranted Stock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Jul 01, 2014 – 10:44 AM GMTBy: Christopher_Quigley

Back in 2001 Buffett said in an interview with Fortune Magazine that “the single best measure” of stock market valuation is by taking the total market cap (TMC) and dividing it by the total […]

The Stock Market's New Normal: A Wall of Worry | Christopher …

While I realize that fundamentals are important to investment success I also appreciate the relevance of technical analysis in gauging investor sentiment and in timing entry and exit points.From the technical point of view the market is in a strong bull trend and would appear to be poised to reach new highs. However, when I research into the fundamental reason […]

Report: GAME preparing to rejoin stock market | Joystiq

Report: GAME preparing to rejoin stock market
Thomas Schulenberg

on Jan 18th 2014 4:30PM
2012 wasn’t kind to retail chain Game – after closing more than 200 stores in the UK and Ireland, shuttering its Australian division, filing for administration (bankruptcy) and getting delisted from the stock exchange, its operations werepurchased by sister investment companies. Luckily for GAME, it appears to have phoenix-like […]