Halozyme Closes In On A Breakout: A Technical Analysis

View gallery.Stocks have been getting hit pretty hard over the last week. The new year has started off somewhat like 2014 did — down.Some individual industries are holding up a little better than others, such as gold miners, REITs and airlines.Biotech stocks have held on relatively well, too.Biotech names such as Agios Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: AGIO) and Incyte Corp (NASDAQ: INCY) […]

STTG Market Recap Jan 5, 2015 – Stock Trading To Go

We had some technical difficulties tonight so no market recap video today but  I posted an idea session last night where we looked at some recent winners to see which names might be good ideas go forward, on my channel, Mark333.Indexes opened down as oil weighed, and stayed weak all day in a quite miserable session.  Investors have become […]

NASDAQ limps into the holidays

NASDAQ had a good surge last week, but now people are honestly wondering what’s next. It had a nice pop at the open yesterday,, but immediately headed south and stayed there for the rest of the session. The bad news was that there was no enthusiasm for buying, but the good news was that there was no real selling after […]

3 Biotech ETFs Rally On Merger News

View photo.The biotech stocks are hitting fresh new highs to start the week after the announcement of yet another multi-billion dollar deal. Pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co., Inc. (NYSE: MRK) has agreed to purchase advanced antibiotic pharmaceutical company Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: CBST) for $9.5 billion.The deal breaks down to Merck paying about $102 a share, a 37-percent premium from […]

EQLIM Startup Aims To Surface Geopolitical Big Data In The Middle …

The EQLIM startup, which means ‘region’ or ‘territory’ in Arabic, has launched, aiming to create a subscription service for real-time data about human activity in emerging economies. The Beirut, Lebanon-based startup wants to address the lack of data about the Middle East.It will look at big data covering geopolitics, infrastructure, and commerce, as well as data cross health, environment, agriculture, […]

A Company Called ISIS Had A Massive Day On The Stock Market

AP ImagesThe Ibis T5000(TM) Biosensor SystemISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, has gotten lots of attention for the terror it has brought to the Middle East.
Unfortunately, this has attracted the wrong kind of attention to companies that coincidentally share the same name as the extremist group.Take ISIS Pharmaceuticals. This $4.3 billion biotech firm surged 10% today, and […]

Thursday August 14, 2014, Today Stock Market …

NEW! Download all of 2013 Performance: Click to Download!OR Download all of 2014 Performance to Date: Click to Download!Dow opens + 19 and our open trade improves a little.Market Open (click to enlarge)LCI (click to enlarge)CSIQ (click to enlarge)2 1/2 HOURS IN  (click to enlarge)The Dow closes+61   This is what we closed out: ABTL -1020, CSIQ +9767, EMES -135, […]

ISIS Captures Iraq's Largest Dam, Oilfield | GuerillaStockTrading

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Federal Reserve Bond Mystery Emerges: Belgium Spends 90% of…

Much hype was released in the media about the powerful Kurds in the north of Iraq and how they could stop ISIS. That didn’t happen. The Kurds turned tail and ran. Was this purposely done by the Kurds in order to […]

Friday June 20, 2014, Today Stock Market | ShortTermStockTrading

NEW! Download all of 2013 Performance: Click to Download!OR Download all of 2014 Performance to Date: Click to Download!Dow opens +27 and our open is off a littleMarket Open (click to enlarge)JRJC (click to enlarge)BBRY (click to enlarge)SHLD (click to enlarge)BBRY  (click to enlarge)ISIS  (click to enlarge)The Dow closes +25, This is what we closed out: BITA -2437, EXK +2250, […]

Terrorism In Iraq And Turkey: How To Trade It – iShares MSCI Turkey …

For the first time in years, Iraq news is moving the markets again. Turkish stocks took a beating on Wednesday, with the iShares MSCI Turkey ETF (TUR) shedding 5.2%.The apparent reason? Armed militants from the terrorist group the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (“ISIS”) seized the Turkish consulate in Mosul, taking the consul and his staff of nearly 50 […]