Vikings Stock Market Report: End Of Year Prospectus – Daily …

The Vikings end the Metrodome era with a win over a Lions team that was even more disappointing than the Vikings this year.So the 2013 season and the Metrodome era come to a simultaneous end. The Vikings beat the Lions 14-13, and we now move outside for two years before we get to move into our new home, sweet […]

Vikings Stock Market Report: Eagles – Daily Norseman

The Vikings pulled a shocking upset in a relatively easy manner.On a day when the Minnesota Vikings celebrated the ‘All Mall of America Field’ team, it was fitting, in many ways, that almost 50 points would be put on the board. After all, an all time team that has Daunte Culpepper, Robert Smith, Adrian Peterson, Anthony Carter, Cris Carter, […]

Bears at Vikings Stock Market Report: LOLvertime – Daily Norseman

One of the most embarrassing performances in recent history turned into a game that I wouldn’t have believed unless I had watched it.I really don’t know what to make of the Vikings overtime victory against the Bears. And absolutely putrid three quarters that actually had my father so disgusted he went home became a ridiculous 90 yard drive, a […]