The Internet of Things Meets Big Data | Big Think | Think Tank

The Internet of Things is coming—are you ready? As Big Think reported recently in our interview with leading economist Jeremy Rifkin, the Internet of Things will connect everyone and everything in a seamless network. How will it intersect with Big Data?Chris Curran, the Chief Technologist of PwC, spoke to Big Think about this great technological shift:
Most of the data we […]

New Tools Help Neuroscientists Analyze Big Data

In an age of “big data,” a single computer cannot always find the solution a user wants. Computational tasks must instead be distributed across a cluster of computers that analyze a massive data set together. It’s how Facebook and Google mine your web history to present you with targeted ads, and how Amazon and Netflix recommend your next favorite book […]

Is the Stock Market Cheap? |

Professor Jeremy Siegel thinks it is.His most recent call is that the stock market as a whole is selling for 10-15% less than it should. Fed chairman Janet Yellen in recent testimony didn’t say it was cheap, but she thought it wasn’t very expensive either.Are they right?Consider this. If you compare the price to the corporate earnings, as Yellen said […]