Biotech Bulls Trampled As Momentum Stalls

Last summer, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said valuations in certain corners of the stock market like biotech were getting “substantially stretched,” and traders have gotten a good laugh at her warning ever since as the stocks resumed their winning ways and raced higher. But given the recent battering of the biotech stocks, the caution recommended by the central bank […]

Headwinds Could Blunt Long-Running Rally In Health Care Stocks

Guest post written byPaul KarosPaul Karos is a senior portfolio manager at Minneapolis-based Whitebox Advisors, which manages over $4 billion in hedge and mutual funds.Health care stocks have enjoyed a persistent bid in the markets over the past three years. Health care was second best performing sector in the S&P 500 during the choppy markets of 2014 (up 23%, […]