The Shanghai stock market crashed on Thursday … – Business Insider

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The Shanghai Composite stock index was slammed on Thursday, dropping by 6.5%.Over the last year, the Shanghai exchange has grown to be the third largest in the world.Here are the ten largest stock exchanges in the world by total market capitalization, as of April 2015, according to the World Federation of Exchanges’ monthly report. With a total end of […]

How to invest your cash if you're convinced the stock market is about

Time.comThis is not good recently published a column advising a 33-year-old from Los Angeles who was trying to decide what to do with a newly gained $200,000 windfall. Their advice is clear in the article’s title: “When Going All In Is Not A Risky Bet”.This has raised the hackles of some commenters, with stock market blogger Jesse Felder observing […]

1929 Stock Market Crash Chart Is Garbage – Business Insider

MarketWatch/Mark HulbertThe 1929 chart is making the rounds again.
You’ve probably seen this chart, which compares the market’s gains over the last year to those in 1929, leading up to the crash.Noted market-timer Tom DeMark has been talking about it.So too, apparently, has Doug Kass, according to Mark Hulbert, a columnist at MarketWatch.”In an email earlier this week, Kass wrote of […]